Buying Or Selling a home

A new home is probably one of the largest single investments of your life. It is important that you understand the process you are entering into. The offer to purchase is only the first step in the complex process of your new home purchase

. It is your lawyer's job to give you legal advice and to protect your legal position; therefore, it is important to involve your lawyer early in the process

An agreement of purchase and sale once signed is a contract beginning on both parties. Seeing a lawyer before you sign can help avoid difficulties later on, and can help ensure that your best interests are protected

 Your lawyer can assist you to determine all of the costs associated with the purchase of the home:

  • Fully examine title to the property and arrange for the removal of any outstanding claims against the lands.
  • Conduct a series of legal inquiries to make sure that on closing you really own the home and occupancy is permitted.
  • Prepare the mortgage documentation in consultation with our lender.
  • Explain the various ways to hold title to your land (joint tenants or tenants-in-common).
  • Review all paperwork to be signed by your vendor and your vendor's legal representative.
  • Arrange to meet with you to review the various closng documents and explain them to you.
  • Attend at the closing of your new home and arrange to get the keys to you.
  • Always remember that legal advice is a good investment. Throughout the transaction, your lawyer will be acting to protect our interest and ensure that you receive a good and marketable title to your new home.